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   Rough and Ready

   Chamber of Commerce

Post Office Box 801

Rough & Ready, California 95975

(530) 797-6729

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WHAT:            Rough and Ready Secession Day, the 58th annual modern celebration

                        commemorating the 1850 secession of Rough and Ready from the Union and

                        the formation and the 3-month life of the Great Republic of Rough and Ready.

WHEN:           Sunday, June 30, 2013, beginning at 7am

WHERE:         Downtown Rough and Ready, located 5 miles west of Grass Valley on Rough

                        and Ready Highway.  Free parking areas at Grange, Rough and          

                        Ready Animal Clinic and along Rough and Ready Hwy.



  1. The Ongoing Saga of Rough and Ready: The Play performed by the Rough and Ready Rascals (Starts around 10:15am)                              

  2. Live Music by The Fruit Jar Pickers (Starts around 8:50am)

  3. Buffet Breakfast sponsored by the R&R VFD (starts at 7am)

  4. Crafts and Peddlers Fair

  5. Live Blacksmith Demonstrations with Dave Baker

  6. Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs and Beverages Available from Fire Dept. Auxiliary

  7. Singing Duo Nory and Ann (Approx. 11:35 - 12:15)

  8. “Bandits, Badges and Bloomers” Gunfight Skits (Around 9:50am and 12:45pm)

  9. Rough and Ready Rooster Roulette (Game of Chance around 12:20 & 1:20pm)

  10. Prize Raffles

  11. Hamburger Booth and Bake Sale sponsored by the Rough and Ready Grange #795

  12. Rough and Ready Souvenir Sales

        PROCEEDS:    All proceeds benefit non-profit Rough and Ready organizations:

        Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Fire Department, and Grange.

Sunday, June 30