Members of four Rough and Ready community groups and businesses assembled on Monday, Oct. 24 to present their donations, raised by the recent Community Wide Yard Sale, to the Board of Directors of the Rough and Ready Fire Protection District.

Leaders of the Rough and Ready Grange #795, the Upper Rough and Ready Firewise Community, the Rough and Ready Village Mobile Home Park and the Squirrel Creek Homeowners Association presented the Fire Department with checks totaling $3,600.

The First Annual Community Wide Yard Sale, held at two locations in Rough and Ready over the weekend of October 15 and 16, saw hundreds of locals and area friends visit the sites and find items of interest. “We love our Fire Department,” said Mary Ann Nelson, co-manager of Rough and Ready Village and one of the the originators of the fundraising idea, “and we’re so happy to be able to show them how much this town appreciates them.”

Members of all these groups spent countless hours, collecting and transporting items, cleaning them and preparing them for the sale.

“It truly speaks to the spirit of this community,” said Board of Directors Chairman Sheridan Loungway, “that so many people from different groups pulled together and worked so hard toward a common goal: helping their Fire Department.”

Don Baldwin Painting Contributes his help to

Seal Fippin Blacksmith Shop

PHOTO ABOVE: Spreading the News, Rough and Ready Style!

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Don Baldwin, a resident of Nevada County for over 60 years, stepped up when approached  by the Chamber and volunteered to pressure wash and stain the newly rebuilt facade of the Fippin Blacksmith Shop! Don is a skilled and licensed professional and can be reached at (530) 272-8560. Also supporting the effort was Knights Paint, who kindly contributed the material. Thank you, both!

Rough and Ready 1st Annual Community Yard Sale a Huge Success!

Fippin Blacksmith Shop Gets New Sign!

On November 11, 2021,  Will and Thomas Brewer of Grass Valley Sign Co. installed the new hand-painted sign on the front facade of the W.H. Fippin Blacksmith Shop. The sign is as historically accurate as possible and is designed to withstand the weather it faces.