The Old Rough and Ready Hotel

Built after the 1854 fire by Mary Downey, one of Rough and Ready‚Äôs first settlers, the Downey House was the primary building in the town.  It was reputed to be a very popular place to hold celebrations and banquets for many years. The upper left (in photo to the left) was a dance

hall with the store and bar on the first

floor, along with the Hotel lobby and

Post Office. The proprietors at the turn

of the century were Sam and Rose

Fisher.  The hotel operated until 1946

and shortly thereafter was dismantled.

A new building housing the

Rough and Ready Market was

constructed on the site in 1948.

About the same time the surrounding

property was developed into the

Rough and Ready Mobile Home Park.

The Rough and Ready Market and

Deli now located on the site is a popular meeting

place, where tourists get a chance to swap stories with local porch-sitters.



Post Office Box 801

Rough & Ready, California 95975

(530) 797-6729

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The Rough and Ready Hotel (1910)