On July 28, 1851, Rough and Ready became the third town in Nevada County to establish its own Post Office.  For about 5 years during World War II, however, the Rough and Ready Post Office was discontinued.  When citizens reapplied for a Post Office, officials tried to restrict the name to either " Rough" or "Ready" but not both "Rough and Ready."  "Too long!" they said.  Local citizens stood their ground, insisting the name Rough and Ready had unique historical significance.  In 1948 the Post Office officials relented and Rough and Ready retained its "and."  During the research of old records, however, it was discovered that Rough and Ready had never been officially allowed to rejoin the Union! A letter, dated June 16, 1948, from Assistant U.S. Attorney T. Vincent Quinn, resolved the issue and Rough and Ready was welcomed back into the United States...almost a century after seceding!

PHOTO ABOVE: Rough and Ready Post Office and Store in 1949, shortly after its reestablishment. The building is now a private home and the new Post Office (photo to right) was moved in sbout 1960.

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In 2009, facing the planned closure of the Rough and Ready Post Office, citizens rallyed again and fought to retain their Post Office, initiating a successful protest and legislative lobbying effort!