On the first Sunday of June (June 2, 2024) Rough and Ready will gather to celebrate Secession Days with a special Chili Cook-off...a fundraising event for local organizations. Previously, the competition was held on the last Sunday in June, but the date was changed for 2019 and beyond.

The day begins with a Firefighter's Breakfast in the Fire House. Meanwhile, Chili Chefs from around the area begin cooking their special concoctions.  Formerly a sanctioned event, the town decided in 2004 to "secede" from the International Chili Society and do it Rough and Ready Style, with Rough and Ready Rules!  Guests can purchase $5 Tasting Kits at 11am and begin tasting at noon, voting for their favorite chili along with the judges.

There is much more planned...all of which will be revealed as planning progresses!  Watch this website for more information.

Want to join us as a Chili Chef?  As a Vendor?  Or just as a fun-loving Visitor? Click on the links!

PHOTOS ABOVE: Scenes from past Secession Day Chili Cook-offs

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